Yes, you can eat Indian food at lunchtime

What did you eat (or plan to eat) at lunchtime today? Our busy lives often dictate lunch to be an on-the-go affair, bought, prepared and consumed relatively quickly. A stop-gap between a hectic morning and a fully-occupied afternoon. Presumably, if you grabbed a pre-packaged sandwich or microwaved a jacket potato it was quick and convenient - but are you sure it was a healthy choice?

Here at Indian Summer, we’d like to make the case for Indian food at lunchtime. Or rather, our Indian food, for, as you may already know, many so-called Indian restaurants are actually Bangladeshi.

If your idea of Indian food something greasy, fatty, heavy and generally not good for you then you should think again. Why? Because authentic Indian cuisine is truly one of the healthiest in the world. Here at Indian Summer, our reviews and awards reflect our attitude to this wonderful food and why we’ve been so popular with the good people of Brighton: fresh, healthy and genuine. And of course, utterly delicious. Great food that’s a pleasure to eat and good for you.

Indian Summer is pleased to open its doors at lunchtime to everyone, including business people looking for an elegant restaurant in which to entertain clients, those exploring Brighton as the go-to tourist destination it really is and YOU, our lovely Brighton residents. It’s time for lunch.

Here’s why we’re good for your body and soul:

Fresh, Vibrant Dishes Made from Scratch

At Indian Summer, each dish is prepared entirely from scratch and served fresh to our customers. There’s no “nasties” in our meals, either. Not for us a long list of artificial food colourings or preservatives and importantly, not for you and your guests either. Our talented chefs hail from the myriad regions of India, each renowned for its lively, fresh cuisine.

Indian Summer’s lunch menu boasts a dazzling array of fresh pulses, meat, fish and vegetables prepared and served authentically with a stylish twist.

The Real Deal with Herbs and Spices

Indian cooking uses spices like turmeric, ginger, garlic, coriander and green chillies – all of which have medicinal properties and are full of antioxidants. A combination of spices that doesn’t just taste good, this is food to nourish your body and make you feel good.

A Carbohydrate Blow-Out?

No, not necessarily. Traditional Indian meals are a well-balanced combination of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibre, all of which are part of a healthy diet. Our extensive use of legumes and pulses (think lentils and chick peas for example) are slow-release carbs, so you won’t be slumped over your computer at 4pm due to spikes in your blood sugar.

What’s For Lunch at Indian Summer?

We have a great choice of both vegetarian, vegan, meat and fish dishes. Our chefs and staff are delighted to offer you a quick snack or something more substantial.

Our authentic Street Food is just that: the sort of food that Indian people purchase and eat from stalls up and down the land. Why not try a Chicken Dosa - a golden rice and lentil pancake with a tempered chicken filling? Served with a sambhar and coconut chutney, it may just be the most appetizing thing you eat all day. We have the vegetarian version, too, filled with spicy vegetables and utterly delicious. Our Street Food also includes Bhel Puri and our Onion, Carrot and Potato Pakoda. There are more options, though, so don’t forget to check out the menu.

Starters and Main Courses

Two starters for lunch? Why not? Filling, but not overwhelming. You could combine smaller, starter dishes – for example our Paneer Tikka, a super-popular choice of spicy paneer served with red onion and tomato chutney, with say a Kozhi Porichatu, succulent marinated chicken, roasted in almond, coconut and seeds. Or just choose one.

Or, perhaps a starter and a main course. These are punchy, satisfying flavours to delight the eye and charm the soul.

Our main courses, although more substantial, are miles away from most people’s perception of “normal” Indian food: over-rich, uninspiring creamy dishes full of fat and calories.

Fancy tender, authentic, slow-cooked beef in a coconut sauce (Beef Pondicherry), served with mushrooms, basmati rice and a home-style mango and pineapple chutney with a raita? Or the owner’s grandmother’s recipe: Prawn Rangoon – a fabulous sweet and sour dish flavoured with tamarind and chilli. Served with samphire and basmati rice, these are the real tastes of India.

Lunchtime Thalis

One of our most popular lunch choices. This balanced meal combines several complementary dishes, each served in chic, small serving containers. We offer you a

Vegetarian Thali, as well as those featuring chicken, prawns and red meat. Each comes with rice, chapatis and hand-made pickles, too – and there’s even a Royal version of each dish, elevating this elegant lunchtime treat to something really special.

Pushing the boat out a bit?

Why not – you deserve it. We also serve delicious home-made deserts. Yes, they’re filling and yes, you may not be hungry for dinner later.

So…check us out for lunch. All our food is freshly prepared, our chicken is all free range and additive free. We never use additives or colourants. What you see is literally what you get. And we couldn’t say fairer than that now, could we?




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